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About us

We from Space Monkey provide a full package of custom software services, with focus on web and mobile application development. Our services cover all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design, and planing to the actual development, ensuring the quality and post-project maintenance and support.

Our mission is to help our clients in creating innovative services and solutions and grow their businesses. Thinking in our customers, we provide rich technology competencies, domain expertise, and passion for quality of our software professionals. With the best diverse IT professionals on board, we can effectively handle software projects of any scale and complexity.

Since 2013, when we start we have been focused on delivering the best while maintaining an open-minded, dynamic, and customer-centric approach. All methodologies ensuring short time-to-market figures and iterative approach to software development, particularly fit to win the competition in the dynamic online marketplace.



It involves discussing the whole idea to map out the development process. We work connected with the clients to take interations and keep them informed about the progress. Delivering at this point is the most important part of the project, when we keep a good communication to ensure everything is running fine.


The company's growth depends on the satisfaction of our customers. Develop and provide the best support to our customer is our goal from day to day, always keeping the environment clean and helping business grow with quality service and fair prices.


Bringing more dynamic teams, productive and happy to be a spacemonkey. The source of the company revolves around these people that united make the growth of both the company and customers healthy.

We do Media Buying

We work with the best solutions in digital marketing for display and Natives ads
We understand your customers' needs and engage with your target audience
We build the right mobile assets that engage users and craft a remarkable mobile experience
We use media technologies to target the right customer at the right time

BE a space monkey

Let's grow together! We are always seeking for technology lovers, your profile can match our needs.
Cool work culture, hard-working people, nerds mentors, relax space, no restrictions on pets and type of clothes.